Vrum is Launching Soon!

Vrum is on a mission to transform school transportation with our advanced route optimization platform. We're dedicated to making school commutes safer, quicker, and more eco-friendly. Join us in paving the way towards a more sustainable future, one ride at a time.

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Why Join the Vrum Waitlist?

Secure your spot to be among the first to experience how Vrum is changing the game in school transportation. Enjoy early access, exclusive offers, and the opportunity to shape our services in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya.

  • For Schools
    Leverage Vrum's technology to enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and contribute to environmental conservation.

  • For Parents
    Rest assured with real-time tracking of your child's commute, ensuring safety and efficiency.

What Makes Vrum Stand Out?

Advanced Route Optimization

Utilize our innovative technology for the most efficient school commute routes, reducing travel time and carbon emissions.

Commitment to the Environment

Embrace a greener future with Vrum's optimized routing, which minimizes fuel consumption and lowers carbon footprints.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay connected with your child's journey with live updates for ultimate peace of mind.

User-Friendly Platform

Experience ease and convenience with Vrum's intuitive interface for parents and schools alike.